Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

We are in the process of revamping our training programs to make them available online as well as hands on.  We are working towards changing the Emergency Procedures Course to be one day online learning and one day hands-on learning.

Our IV Chelation Certification course will be entirely online and we are doing our best to have it available for April 2019.

As soon as the course materials are completed and posted on our website naturomedic.org we will provide you with more information.

Your continued patience is greatly appreciated!






IV Ozone Certification

postponed due to lack of interest, part of course will be offered online  

Nature Medicine Inc. Clinic
St. Catharines, ON


$850 + Tax

IV Chelation Certification Course will be offered online tentative start date April 2019  



$850 + Tax

IV Basic Certification

total of 15 CE hours Instructor: Dr. Mike Nowazek ND


May 2-3, 2019


Lakeview Signature Inn Calgary, AB


$850 + Tax 

Clinical Emergency Procedures Course

total of 15 CE hours  Instructor: Dr. Michael Prytula ND


May 4-5, 2019


 Lakeview Signature Inn   Calgary, AB



$850 + Tax