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Course training Jamboree September 2024

We are back and are delivering on our promise.

We look forward to seeing you in September.


From fall of 2022:

We would like to thank everyone who attended our courses for a successful Fall Course 2022 Jamboree! Many Drs and Nurses received first time IV Basic training, Oxidative therapies training, Emergency Procedures training and Chelation Therapy training. We were also able to help alot of Drs receive their CE credits for the CE cycle ending Oct 31, 2022. Thank you Dr Nowazek ND and Dr Hoffman ND for such an ongoing stellar contribution to our profession.

As we have always stated and always delivered on,  we are intending to do the same fall Jamboree in 2 yrs time.

Check back with us as we are hoping to have a few of our courses up and running at different times in person and some courses online.


If you would like a course taught by Dr Prytula in your area, We need a minimum of 8 attendees for each course to make it worthwhile to hold each of these courses. We are aware of COVID rules and possible lockdowns however Dr Prytula is willing to drive across Canada to make certain these courses are taught.

For location click on upcoming Course Dates and Locations tab above.