—— Upcoming Course Dates and Locations ——

*** UPDATED January 20,2022 ***

I am sorry to say, as of now: ALL in person training has been cancelled indefinitely, until the time our inadequate government leadership and continual conflicts of interest among our non-elected health bureaucrats (federally, provincially, regionally and municipally) are investigated. We also hope that our elected officials start to show a significant level of courage as they focus on their constituents and do what is right for the people whom they represent. The government recommended and endorsed pharmaceutical emphasis on vaccines to combat Covid at the expense of mental health (child abuse, spousal abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and poverty).

To those of you standing up for those who cannot, I applaud you.


Dr Prytula has been going through some significant life challenges and changes over the past few years both personally and professionally. Until the current world environment and Canadian environment change, all in person teaching will be placed on hold. Dr Prytula will release online training courses as they are produced, however, there is no set timeline for this to be accomplished.