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Fellow colleagues:

Unfortunately we have had to bite the bullet and study and then pass this time wasting exam. Myself and Dr. Mike Um have successfully passed both the written and oral exam on our first attempt. We are thankful to our many colleagues from BC and Alberta (in particular, Dr Mike Nowazek ND from Edmonton and Dr David Wikenheiser ND from Kelowna)  who shared with us their study secrets and facilitated our successful passing grade. Personally, after spending 40 hours trying to get my head around studying for such a ludicrous exam, I came to the conclusion after reviewing many materials, that the only way to study for this was for long term benefit. In other words, studying to know where to find the information.

In order to help our fellow colleagues we have permission from some of our other colleagues to share their works to help facilitate efficient learning to help you pass both exams (and then probably forget everything you learned!). I highly recommend you purchase Rx files online subscription and purchase a book as well ( If you study from this book and understand how it is set up it will be a tool that you can use for the rest of your life.

I personally purchased two new paper weights in the form of CTC 7 - Compendium of Therapeutic Choices, Seventh Edition and Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 12th Edition. I referred to both of these twice in my 100+ hours of study time. Dr. Um has summarized the necessary areas from CTC 7 into comprehensive study notes. If you have purchased the book and would like these notes please email

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Drug Treatments: please contact Dr Mike Nowazek ND directly at for this very useful resource

Written Exam Study Materials
AA Prescriber Quest Template July 2012

Acne Vulgaris Prescriber Questions August 2012

Acute Bronchitis Prescriber Questions August 2012

ADHD Prescriber Questions August 2012

Antibiotics Prescriber Questions August 2012

Anxiety Prescriber Questions August 2012

Asthma and COPD Prescriber Questions August 2012

Atopic Dermatitis Prescriber Questions August 2012

CYP2D6 Inducers

CYP3A4 Inducers

CYP3A4 Inhibitors

CYP3A4 Substrates

Depression Prescriber Questions Aug 2012

Diabetes Prescriber Questions Aug 2012

Drug Research Calc Questions August 2012

GERD Prescriber Questions August 2012

Gout Prescriber Questions July 2012

Heart Failure Prescriber Questions August 2012

Hormone Replacement Questions August 2012

Hypertension Prescriber Questions August 2012

Insomnia Prescriber Questions August 2012

Introductory Pharmacy Prescriber Questions Aug 2012

Osteoporosis Prescriber Questions August 2012

Pain Prescriber Questions August 2012

Psoriasis Prescriber Questions August 2012

PUD Prescriber Questions Aug 2012

Smoking Cessation Prescriber Questions August 2012

Urinary Tract Infections Prescriber Questions August 2012

Acute Osteomyelitis Ch Summary HP 1013

ADHD Chart for Exam CADDRA

ADHD Reference word AK1013

Allergic rhinitis template

Bell's palsy cs

Bipolar cs

Burns Ch Summary HP 1013

Chemotherapy-Induced N and V Ch Summary HP

Chronic Fatigue Ch Summary HP 1013

Common Anemias Ch Summary HP 1013

Dementia cs

Diabetes type 1 template

Diabetes type 2 template

Drug withdrawal syndromes cs

Eating disorders cs

Evidence Principles Review WORD

Fever in children cs

GERD template word AK 1013

Headache in children cs

Insomnia Pharm word AK1013

Low Back Pain Ch Summary HP 1013

Neuropathic pain cs

Ontario Regulation

Oral exam by Chapter & Alphabetical

Palliative Care Ch Summary HP

Parkinson's disease cs

Polymyalgia Rheumatica_Giant Cell Ateritis Ch Summary HP 1013

Prescribing Course Share Notes: please contact Dr Mike Nowazek ND directly at for this very useful resource

Prescription Requirements WORD

Pressure Ulcers Ch Summary HP 1013

Psychoses cs

PUD H.pylori - word AK0913

PUD H.pylori + word AK0913


Restless legs cs

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch Summary HP 1013

Rosacea Ch Summary HP 1013

Sports Injuries Ch Summary HP 1013

Sunburn Ch Summary HP 1013

Tuberculosis Ch Summary HP 1013

Oral & Written Study Materials

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